The Executive Board

President: Tim Daly


“Hi! I’m Tim and I’m your friendly neighborhood reigning OCF president. I’ve been in OCF since  my freshman year and have formerly served as the treasurer and vice president before my administration seized control last spring.

I’m a senior in a 5-year program getting a Management (Human Capital concentration) B.S., Labor & Employment Relations (Human Resources concentration) B.A., and Human Resources & Employment Relations M.S.

I’m also fairly involved around campus. I am an RA in South Halls, the president of the Student Nittany Lion Club, I am a member of the Penn State chapter of SHRM-SLER, and I also assist the Penn State Lady Lions basketball team in their managerial, analytics, and opponent scouting operations.

If you have any questions about Penn State, our OCF, or Orthodoxy, I’d love to either give you an answer or get you one by putting you in touch with the best resources I can.”

Vice President: Mike Mavrides


“Hi everyone! I’m Mike Mavrides, and I’m the vice president for OCF. I’m a junior majoring in actuarial science. As vice president, I lead club events when Tim is absent and aid in the planning and execution of OCF events. My favorite part about our OCF is how it keeps us grounded in the Orthodox faith while we’re in the spiritual battlefield that is college. OCF is a big part of my life, and I hope it can be for you too!”

Treasurer: Eleni Lioudis


“Hi, I’m Eleni Lioudis and I’m the secretary of Penn State’s OCF. I’m a junior majoring in Toxicology and plan on attending Pharmacy school after graduation. My duties as secretary include sending weekly emails and creating events in our GroupMe. I love being involved in OCF and look forward to our weekly meetings and events. My favorite part of OCF is the lasting friendships I’ve made.”

Secretary: Christina Sartalis

“Hi, I’m Christina Sartalis and I’m the secretary of Penn State’s OCF.  I’m a freshman studying business and Spanish. My duties as secretary include sending weekly emails and creating events in our GroupMe.  OCF is one of my favorite parts about Penn State because of the great friends I’ve made!”

Chaplain: Dn. Alexander Cadman


“Greetings! I’m a 1999 graduate of Penn State and a 2004 graduate of St. Vladimir’s Seminary. I’ve been involved in campus ministry since graduating from St. Vladimir’s when I moved to Chicago to establish a campus preaching ministry under the direction of the late Archbishop Job (Osacky). He ordained me to the diaconate a year later. In 2008, I became the Chaplain of our Penn State OCF and serve as the Director of Ministries for our chapter’s sponsoring church, Holy Trinity in downtown State College. I live in nearby Bellefonte with my wife, Matushka Jennifer, and three children, Josiah (12), Rebekah (9), and Zachariah (7). Since 2011, I’ve been serving as the Orthodox Church in America’s representative on the Board of Directors for the North American Orthodox Christian Fellowship.”