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Why Can't I Find Penn State oSTEM's Facebook Page?

Due to the privacy concern of some of our members, the group is set to be a secret group on Facebook. In order to join the Facebook group and receive updates, please send us an email. We will send you an invitation link. Members who apply for our membership online will automatically receive the invitation link to our Facebook page.

What If I Don't Identify as LGBTQ? Can I still participate?

Absolutely! We are an open group, and we have both LGBTQ-identified members as well as members who are allies. We need the help of our allies to end discrimination and prejudice in the workplace and in all aspects of life.

I'm Not Sure if My Major is STEM-Focused Enough to Participate. Can I Still Be Involved?

As an open group, we are very liberal with our definition of science, and we have had members from majors including Biological Anthropology, Psychology, and Architecture. If you are passionate about science and identify as within the STEM spectrum regardless of the college your major falls into, then you are welcome to join us! That being said, students interested in STEM-related careers typically get the most out of our networking events and the National Conference, since almost all of the companies and employers we work with are in STEM fields.

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