Meeting Minutes: December 4, 2013

Hey There!
Here’s whats happening this week in Penn State Outin’ Club!
Trips Soon
Spring Break (march 8-15)
-Outing club is going southwest to Joshua tree, Death Valley, (buffets?), and more
-the trip is going to be capped at 12 people. 
-if you want to go email travis by tonight. 
-Keep in mind if you want to go you need to be in it to win it. We are buying tickets soon so you dont want to drop the trip and lose your plane ticket $$/take a spot from someone
-the trip will cost around $450 (airfare) and those involved in the club (stadium clean up, trip leaders, those who have gone on trips) will get first priority
Meg’s Sunrise hike (minus meg) + Stoff X infinity  (this thursday december 5)
Stoff is going to continue megs sunrise hike THIS THURSDAY and maybe every thursday to come. 
-leaving early to see the sunrise over keith springs then will be back in time for 8ams (if you donthave an 8am then you can enjoy some waffles!)
-email stoff if you are interested
Bald Eagle (this weekend)
-still happenign this week
-you should know if you are going 
-you will be getting an email with details soon
-email josh with questions
Thon fam carn (this sunday)
-family carnival is this weekend
-our thon child is our age though so we are just chillen in the hub and eating pizza with her
-email carrie if you want to join us
P-Bear Plunge (next tuesday december 10th)
-Tueday morning some PSOCERS are jumpin in cold war, getting out, feeling alive, and driving home 
-email josh if you are ! interested
-Do YOU want to be the one who designs all the new PSOC gear
-you can brag to your friends and be a part of PSOC history Foreva!
-if you want this fame and glory email Julian with your designs for merch by TUESDAY DECEMBER 10th by MIDNIGHT after the meeting

Trail Crew
-Congrats to those who are the new members of PSOC Trail Crew! 
Christina Spohn  and Briana Yoblanski (Outreach chairs)
Connor Wallace (logistics)
Miranda Holmes (communications)
-if you handed a receipt to meg they are ready for pickup at club sports!
Travis and Aaron Do Alaska
-travis and aaron went to Alaska since no one else! wanted to go for some ready
-they saw a pretty lake and aaron grew a brown pony tail and canoed with one paddle while travis fell in the lake 
-Daniel with the snow laden bear guided them through the wilderness and led them to the Alaskan whitehouse
-note: This is totally real…
Hope you all have a great wear brown shoes day!

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