Join PSOC (Pre 2018)

Any student, faculty, or staff member at Penn State may join the Outing Club.

Outing Club Membership
You can join at any time during the semester, but must do so prior to participating in PSOC trips.

  1. Fill out the Club Sports Participation Agreement online (skip #11).
  2. Pay club dues ($10 cash or check in envelope with your name on it) to an officer at a meeting.
  3. Join our Listserv and Facebook group for the latest news on trips.

If you have access to a vehicle and/or are certified in CPR/AED and First Aid, then you can also become a Driver and Safety Officer for PSOC. While this is not required of everyone to participate, drivers and a Safety Officer are required for every PSOC trip. If you have these forms in, you will have priority on certain trips.

Become a Safety Officer

If you are adult CPR/AED and First Aid certified through American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or ECSI, then you are qualified to become a safety officer.

  1. Fill out the Safety Officer Acceptance of Responsibility Form.
  2. Photocopy your CPR/First Aid credentials.
  3. Turn in to a PSOC officer or to Club Sports Office in the White Building.

Want to get certified? Penn State Aquatics offers CPR/AED/First Aid courses throughout the year.

NOTE: If you are WFA or WFR certified, you need to have a CPR/AED certification card from one of the above accrediting agencies in order for it to be accepted by Penn State Risk Management. The company that issued your WFR/WFA will likely issue this upon completion, but some only do it upon request.

Become a Driver

  1. Fill out, print, and sign the Personal Vehicle Authorization Form (requires vehicle owner’s signature).
  2. Photocopy your up-to-date license, auto insurance and registration.
  3. Turn it in to a PSOC officer.

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