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High Peaks Region, Adirondacks, NY 2007

Organized by: Julie Sutsko

This frigid trip to the Adirondacks took place during the 2007 Thanksgiving break. The Adirondacks were covered with snow during the group’s adventure and while was mostly sunny the temperatures were not above freezing. The first night the group spent in the wild the temperature plummeted to below zero causing various butts to be frozen. Other misadventures included: frozen boots, salami water, eating snow, wild snow leopards loose from the Adirondack zoo, sketchy lake crossings, the Loj, too many Clif Bars, frozen food (all of it), crossing Marcy Dam, one group climbing Mt. Algonquin, and of course the penis cards(?). Despite the seemingly horrible conditions the group had a blast of a trip. If any groups are wanting to revisit the area they should plan to avoid the cold season but if you do go in the cold seasons, be prepared. Gaiters, insulated waterproof boots, and adequate sleeping gear are all MUSTS. Fun was had by all, and no one died.

Members in Attendance:

  • Julie Sutsko
  • Lauren Reed
  • Johnson Martin
  • Kaitlin Pope
  • Nick Clabbers
  • Zack Haas
  • Brian Sabri
  • Amanda Morrow
  • Brian Newman
  • Brooke Osborne
  • James Basham

Catskills Region, NY 2009

Organized by: James Basham

This frosty group of adventurers visited the Catskills region in New York during the deep winter. The weather for the trip was mild, considering it was February. The nights were a little chilly, but the snow makes for great insulation. Hiking in the area was beautiful, involving snowshoeing and a negotiable snow-pack. The highlight of the trip however was calling the New York State Police to look for the “lost” group. This involved making good friends with a local resident, driving back and forth between two trail heads several times, worrying, hearing the sound of the impending infrared helicopters, and finally watching our very confused friends come down from the mountain all on their own. The reasoning for the debauchery was a simple misreading of the map and a gross underestimate of the distances needing to be traveled. The lesson: get good, accurate maps. All in all fun was had by all and no one died.

Members in Attendance:

  • James Basham
  • Sam Carpenter
  • Nick Clabbers
  • Frannie Root
  • Brooke Osborne
  • Brian Sabri
  • Mikana Maeda
  • Rich Schatz
  • John Blasius
  • Brian Brosius
  • Kelly McFadden
  • Matt Stanton
  • Katelyn Nixon
  • Sarah Luchner