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The Physical Activity and Public Health Lab at Penn State University is seeking students who are training to become members of the clergy to participate in a web-based physical activity program.

This is a research study.

The program will be delivered all online and the start time is flexible.

The study will begin in September 2013 and will last approximately 12-weeks. Participants will receive a small monetary incentive and a free pedometer for participating in the study.

For a short video about this project please click on the following link:

If you are interested in participating in the study and would like more information, please contact Dangaia Sims at (814) 867-4277 or paphlab@psu.edu or complete the contact form below.

Some facts on clergy health

  • Clergy have high rates of stress, burnout and mental health problems as well as higher risk of chronic disease and obesity, closely linked to the demands of their occupation.
  • Despite the known benefits of participating in healthy lifestyle habits (like physical activity or a healthy diet) for helping to prevent some of these mental and physical health problems, clergy often do not engage in these healthy habits.
  • Research has shown that healthier clergy often have “healthier” churches, with more health-related programs and activities.
  • Clergy with some education about health and wellness during their seminary school years are more likely to be healthier themselves and four times more likely to have “healthier” churches
  • Some research has shown that the majority of congregation members are aware of the health habits of their clergy and many report that it could influence whether or not their would accept their health advice.