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Are you(r students) ready for some football?!

By Brian Kruse, Penn State Parents Council

Ah, the first week of summer…the days are getting longer…the weather is getting warmer…and it’s time for your students to get their season tickets for Penn State Football!   There’s always some angst among Penn State parents wondering if their student will be able to get their football student season tickets before they sell out, but none more so than with freshman students…and their parents.

Part of what we do on the Penn State Parent’s Council is read parent posts on social media to see if we can be a resource to help with questions and concerns.   Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more posts from anxious freshman parents looking for advice on how to help ensure the best odds of their student getting season football tickets.   In true Penn State fashion, other parents are always quick to offer their advice and lessons learned from past experiences.

On one particular conversation stream though, there was a comment by a parent amidst all the frantic football ticket chatter that basically asked, “Is football the real reason your student goes to Penn State?”   As a former frantic freshman parent, I was a little taken aback by that question because the obvious answer is “Of course not!”  That fact aside, it really made me stop and think about why I get so worked up over my son’s season football tickets every year.  I mean, this kid isn’t even a big football fan?!

The reason I’ve been saving and sacrificing for the last 20 years is because I want my son to have a great college education that allows him to develop personally and professionally into a productive and happy adult…the same goals as every other parent.   Penn State provides all of that, but what puts Penn State in a class of its own is its unique and powerful sense of community.   I felt it the first time we set foot on the University Park campus for a “Spend a Summer Day” event in 2015, and it’s only grown over the past three years as my son and our family have become part of the Penn State Community.

The fact is that football is a big part of the Penn State Community, and I’ve always felt that participating and supporting community events is an important part of being a member of that community.   I think the last two years of going to the home football games has had a positive impact on my student’s Penn State experience, from socializing and networking, to learning and understanding the student traditions, to letting off steam and just having a fun time.   Even if your student isn’t a football fan, I’d encourage them to try for tickets to at least have the experience of the games.

Below is a link to all the information your student needs to be ready to order their Penn State season football tickets in the 2018 Football Student Season Ticket Sale Guide:

If for some reason your student isn’t able to get season tickets, don’t worry.  There are still opportunities for them to get tickets to each game through the Student Ticket Exchange (It hasn’t been updated for 2018 yet):

Enjoy your summer and remember Penn State football season is just around the corner!