“Confession: I’ve never had Starbucks”

After constant encouragement to “step out of my comfort zone,” I joined the Model United Nations club my sophomore year of high school.  Being new members, my friend Alice and I received limited options for committees to serve on and countries to represent.  Ultimately, we chose the nation of Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka) on the Security Council during the Cold War.  Our recent discussions of the war in AP European History provided us with substantial background information, but we knew nothing about Ceylon.  After ransacking local libraries for any books referencing the area, we agreed to share our research over coffee.  


As soon as we approached the cash register at Starbucks, Alice looked at me with wide eyes and exclaimed You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I’ve never had Starbucks!”  At this time, we had been friends for a little over a year, and I just assumed her caffeine addiction contained a link to the trendy chain adored by teenage girls nationwide.


Alice and me on the final day of the Gannon University Model United Nations Conference.  In addition to the great debating which occurred, we met another prospective Schreyer Scholar too!!


While my current go-to Starbucks beverage is a Vanilla Cold Brew, my younger self jumped for sugary, dessert-like drinks, such as frappuccinos and customized latees.  My favorite being a Java Chip Frappuccino, I immediately recommended that Alice try the same.


Following a lengthy phone call with Alice today, I opted for the Starbucks in the HUB as a study spot.  With her in mind, I dropped my things on a chair and entered the seemingly infinite line to order the Java Chip Frappuccino.  


Want to avoid the line?  Come to the HUB Starbucks before your 8:00am class (if you can manage to get up that early)!


While us college students constantly complain about too much work and extremely limited time, masses of scholars find time to wait in a Starbucks line which can be up 45 minutes long at peak time.  However, this blog served as a totally valid reason to endure the wait today!  


After placing my order, I stood to the side of the barista area waiting for my drink.  This location prevails as a principal example of organized chaos.  Behind the counter, baristas yell to each other and frantically dash from the blenders to the ice coolers.  New trainees appear almost daily with looks of panic plastered on their faces.  Despite such insanity, my beverage not only tasted amazing, but the baristas presented it beautifully, too.  


Totally picture-worthy chocolate drizzle!!


Next, I searched for an area to sit.  While this location boasts the same modern ambience as any other Starbucks, the types of seating arrangements are quite unique.  A long high top table appeals to study groups and people looking for more room to spread their books out, the bar-type seating along the opposite wall is populated by a row of individuals with earbuds in, while the students on the couch and cushioned chairs converse or watch Netflix.  Wanting a work area, but not the dim lighting and seclusion of the seating along the wall, I decided on the high top table.  While most people seemed to prefer working alone, no one acted rude or annoyed.  The overbearing workload experienced by all creates a type of unspoken bond.  We’re in this together, and wish success upon each other, even if not consciously.  


After about an hour and a half of work in the HUB, I decided a change of environment would bpost my productivity.  However, the friendly atmosphere, excellent service, and delicious drinks of this Starbucks impressed me and make me desire to return in the near future.  

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  1. Ninad Mahajan
    September 21, 2017 at 8:13 pm (1 year ago)


    I can really see your passion for Starbucks and their coffee shine through here. Your detailed account of your friend Alice losing her “Starbucks virginity” was very entertaining to read and it sounds like you guys had a good time that day. I also like your transition to the HUB and the often chaotic scenes outside Starbucks at various points of the day. I’d really be interested to see your response to Nora’s coffee artifact speech in our class as I feel you both have different coffee backgrounds, but a general interest in the phenomenon and culture that it creates.



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