One of the goals of the PAW organization is to help women in Physics and Astronomy connect with one another and feel supported as they grow as physicists. To that end we started a mentoring program in 2014. Undergraduate women in physics and astronomy and first year graduate women are paired with older graduate students. These partnerships meet approximately once a month to chat about how their coursework is going, how they are functioning in the department, being a woman and/or minority in STEM, or any other matters they would like to talk about. This gives the younger women a support system to discuss issues, to celebrate successes and encourage them through the inevitable setbacks. Our hope is that since the women will feel more cared for by and connected to the department they will have the encouragement they need to continue and succeed in their physics education.

PAW is grateful for financial support from the Commission for Women during the first two years of the program.

If you would like to be a part of this program (as a mentee or mentor) please contact Susan Kempinger at or Kelly Malone at