About ITE


The Institute of Transportation Engineers is an international group (over 12,000 members) working both in the public and private sectors. They have a need to keep updated of the latest technologies and services, and are responsible for deciding what transportation products, computer software, and consulting services should be purchased by their agencies and firms.

Who’s in ITE?

Besides engineering practitioners, students can become members of their university’s student chapter of ITE. The organization appeals to students interested in pursuing a career in transportation engineering or to other students who are trying to decide on a particular career path.

Student Chapter Objectives

The objectives of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Student Chapters are:

  • To promote the advancement of transportation and traffic engineering through close
    association with the profession and the Institute.
  • To acquaint students with topics of interest in transportation engineering through the via addresses by competent speakers and chapter-sponsored trips.
  • To foster the development of professional spirit.
  • To promote common interests among students.


Membership in the Penn State Student Chapter offers the following opportunities:

  • Participation in Chapter activities including trips and monthly meetings.
  • Participation in joint activities with other ITE student chapters, employers, and vendors. These activities include the annual MASITE (Mid-Atlantic Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers) and District 2 Fall and Spring meetings.
  • Opportunity to make professional contacts that may be useful in obtaining employment.
  • Membership in the National Chapter of the Institute includes the following:
    • Subscription to the ITE Journal, the official monthly publication.
    • Eligibility to purchase Institute publications at membership discount.
    • Easy transfer to Associate Member upon employment or graduation.
    • Chance to publish resume in Annual Student Resume Listing.
    • Discounted registration fee for the Institute’s Annual Meeting.

Other activities we do

The Penn State Chapter of ITE also enjoys helping with transportation projects in State College.
For instance, the ITE student organization helps consulting firms in the Centre region with traffic
counts, and is becoming increasingly involved with the Centre Regional Planning Commission.
The projects we perform are an excellent opportunity to develop your resume. In the future, we
plan to stay actively involved in the community by applying our resources as transportation engineers.

We also have social events, such as Mt. Nittany hikes, pub trivia, and the occasional barbecue or bar social. These are great ways to get to know your fellow transportation enthusiasts and future colleagues!

How to join

Joining the Penn State ITE Student Chapter is simple. Tell any of the officers you wish to join either in person or by e-mail. Annual dues are currently $10, which helps pay for food/drink at meetings, club-sponsored trips, and other club benefits. Meetings are held every third Thursday in 110 Sackett at 6:00 pm. Like us on Facebook to be reminded of meetings.