Rebecca Terosky

About me: I am a senior majoring in Engineering Science with minors in Mathematics and Engineering Mechanics.  I served as the secretary for SES my freshman and sophomore years, and was also a Rube Goldberg Project Co-Chair my freshman year.  My undergraduate research focuses on using mathematical abstractions to develop probabilistic methods of representing human cognition in order to design robots to “think” more like humans, building on current neural network structures.  I am also the current president of L.I.F.E. House, a Teaching Assistant for ENGR 310: Entrepreneurial Leadership, the incoming director of the Order of Knowlton’s Rangers, and a member of Catholic Campus Ministry.  Outside of school, I enjoy biking and helping to fix bikes and other small vehicles.

Jacob Steinberg
Vice President

About me:  I am a senior majoring in Engineering Science. I work for Penn State ARL doing research on Additive Manufacturing with Metals which will likely be related to my thesis topic. I am also involved in The Roar Zone, DASH, ELS, and The Hi11.

Mike Jadwin

About me: I am a senior also majoring in Engineering Science and plan to continue being the SES treasurer for my senior year. My main interests are in sustainable and clean energy sources, and I hope to one day help the world transition from fossil fuels to a “greener” way of life. Currently, I am beginning my senior thesis research at the hybrid hydrogen electric vehicle lab on campus and am looking into the benefits of integrating a super-capacitor with a traditional battery pack in an electric vehicle. I also enjoy staying active and experiencing the outdoors.

Chloe Melnick

Student Resources Chair



About me: I am currently a senior in Engineering Science pursuing minors in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. I am involved in several clubs on campus including Engineering Leadership Society, Wind Energy Club, Society of Engineering Science, and Society of Women Engineers. I am also the TA for the Engineering Science senior design capstone project, work as an Engineering Ambassador, and performs research at Penn State’s Applied Research Lab. I plan on attending graduate school after completion of my undergraduate degree.

Soufieh Hakimzadeh

Web Coordinator                               


About me: I am a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science. I am particularly interested in biology/biomedical engineering and hope to work in the pharmaceutical or biologics industry post-grad. I am currently working on my thesis in a biomedical engineering lab where I will be focusing on the mechanical properties of kinesin and microtubules. Outside of school I like to play sports and hike.


Chris Stutzman


About me: I am currently a senior in Engineering Science with a minor in Engineering Mechanics. I currently work as an undergraduate researcher at CIMP-3D where I study in-situ defect detection during additive manufacturing of metals. As a sophomore and junior, I worked at Penn State as a tutor for math, physics, and chemistry. In addition, I was part of a newly developed science mentoring program at Penn State Worthington Scranton. I am currently a member of Tau Beta Pi, as well as the Schreyer Honors college. After graduation, I plan to continue on to graduate school. Outside of school, I enjoy riding and rebuilding bikes, as well as working on cars.


Samantha Soliman
Social Chair



About me: I am a senior majoring in Engineering Science and pursuing a minor in Mathematics. My current thesis is focusing on mathematical modeling of MRI images, and building an interactive GUI for doctors and researchers to utilize.  I completed my second summer internship at RBC Capital Markets as a technology analyst.  I am on the academic committee in my sorority AOII. Outside of school I like to stay active playing sports, hike, and take barre3 classes.