Parking info

If you want to keep a car at Penn State this summer, here are the parking lots, and associated fees available to you.

Lot 42 – Nittany Silver $60.00/month $20.00/week, near your apartment.

Lot 83 – Hasting Road $30.00/month $10.00/week, on the other side of University Drive.

Payment may be made via cash, check or money order (made payable to the Pennsylvania
State University), or Credit Card.

When you arrive, you may park your vehicle in the Eisenhower Parking Deck until Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) morning. Your permit can be purchased  in the morning at the University Park Parking Office, between 7:30 am and 8:30 am. You must then move your vehicle to your assigned lot before 8:30 or you will get a parking ticket. Your license plate number is required to purchase the permit, and you must have it when you arrive at the Parking Office. The Parking Office is on the ground floor of Eisenhower Parking Deck. The door is on the south eastern side of the deck, across from the Millennium Science Complex.