Research in the NSF REU ranges from materials physics to nano-scale physics to materials chemistry in part due to our strong collaboration with the Center for Nanoscale science. An abbreviated list of research topics and professors who host undergraduate research in those fields is listed below:

  • nano-particle physics and chemistry (Chan, Terrones, Mallouk, Sen, Li)
  • computational materials physics (Sofo, Crespi, Dabo, L. Q. Chen, Fichthorn)
  • nano and micro patterning (Trolier-McKinstry, Zhu)
  • materials properties and physics in 2D (Alem, Trolier-McKinstry, Mak, Samarth, Shan, Zhu, Robinson)
  • opto-electronic properties of materials (Zhu, Shan, Mak, Giebink)
  • electrical properties of materials (Samarth, Zhu,Trolier-McKinstry,Gomez, Mohney,Li, Hudson, Y. Liu, Shan, X. Liu (theory) )
  • materials physics and chemistry (Sen, Maynard, Mallouk, Chan, Gopalan, Keating, Velegol, Shaak, Badding, Cremer)
  • magnetic properties of nano- materials (Samarth)

What research projects do students do?
Below are some abstracts and highlight slides from previous years below: