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Days 33-35: Warsaw!

I have been such a busy bee, between the work, the sight-seeing, and a visit from my Moscow friend, Nastya! Don't get me wrong, I like what I'm doing at work and I enjoyed spending every moment of my free time with an old friend, but it felt like I barely had time to...

First Few Days in Palenque

I have been in Palenque for 5 days now. On Saturday I met Dr. Lipski at the Cartagena airport and we traveled to Palenque along with two other students. I immediately felt a temperature difference when I stepped off the plane in Cartagena but Palenque is even hotter....

Ich spreche Deutsch!?

I was really hoping to practice my German while I'm here, which I was worried about at first because all of my coworkers like to speak English most of the time, but I do feel that I have improved. Listening and trying to understand what other people have been saying...

A German Barbecue

I have always associated barbecues with being the quintessential American thing, but Germany has proved me wrong. Last week, I was invited to a barbecue with the Didactics department a little down the hall from me. I was very excited to experience a barbecue in...

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