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In 2015–2016 PLACE has up to $1000 available for each student to participate in conferences, trainings, or workshops; purchase equipment; purchase software; pay for undergraduate research assistance; or potentially other uses. The main stipulation is that the funding should directly relate to your research and professional development. An exemption is computers, as large capital investments create liability issues for the university. Otherwise, please think creatively about how you might spend your funds!

In order to secure your funds, please fill out the PLACE Funding Request Form by March 1, 2016 and then submit to the lab director for approval. You will then need to submit an official Employee Travel Form to Karen Cox. Planned purchase orders are sufficient for approval from the Director. Firm receipts showing expenses incurred are required for reimbursement through Karen. After March 1, we will move any remaining individual discretionary funds into the general reserve account in order to ensure that we use all of our allotted funding this year.

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PLACE Funding Request Form

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Employee Travel Form