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In 2011 the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) was founded to help students in recovery from alcohol and other addictions. The CRC is a program within Student Affairs that provides various types of support, and is located in rooms 105 and 106 of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center.

See a story about us from Sober Nation:  https://sobernation.com/penn-state-1-partying-school-and-leader-in-collegiate-recovery/

The CRC:

  • Communicates a message of hope
  • Links students with recovery-related services and persons in recovery, including fellow students
  • Supports the university’s academic mission by pairing education and recovery
  • Facilitates the development of healthy and sustainable habits of mind, body, and spirit
  • Supports lifelong recovery by providing a Penn State community committed to helping students, even after they graduate