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 R.O.A.R. House (Residence of Addiction Recovery) 

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Photos:  Each suite in R.O.A.R. house has four single rooms opening up on a common room and kitchen. White Course apartments are located on-campus near grad student/ family housing; an exterior view of White Course Apartments; Students at R.O.A.R House hanging out w/ Lions Heads (below)

Dedicated on-campus addiction-recovery housing is available at University Park in ROAR House (an acronym for Residence of Addiction Recovery). Located in the White Course apartments on West Campus, ROAR House is available to students who are free from alcohol and other drugs and who are in recovery from addictions. Students in ROAR house participate in the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC), a Program of Student Affairs that provides supports to students in recovery from addictions. The “Roar” is meant to suggest the collective power of students in the Penn State CRC, whose affiliated student organization is called Lions for Recovery.

Students sign a contract to never possess, use, or become intoxicated by alcohol and other drugs at any time that they are residents of ROAR house, and agree to never invite visitors who are in possession of alcohol and drugs or who are intoxicated. In addition to agreeing to the standard code of student conduct, applicants to ROAR House will be required to meet with the Standards Board of ROAR House and/or the Program Coordinator of the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community for prior approval or before renewing a contract. In the case of a contract violation, appropriate sanctions will be determined by the Standards Board of ROAR House and/ or the Penn State CRC’s Program Coordinator and applied in response. A wide range of sanctions, including reassignment out of the community, may be offered based on the severity of the infraction.

ROAR House is available to any undergraduate and graduate student in recovery who has been cleared by the Penn State CRC’s Program Coordinator, provided there is space available in the allocated 8 rooms and the deposit is received on time (for Fall, by July 1st.) This housing option strives for a harmonious mix of students of various ages whose primary need is support for recovery.

Students in ROAR house live in suites of four persons, each of whom has their own bedroom with lock and key. There are two common bathrooms, a kitchen, a central living area, and a washer and drier. Parking permits are available. A meal plan is optional and not required.

At University Park, dedicated recovery housing is one of many ways that the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community supports students recovering from alcoholism and other addictions. For the student in recovery, the CRC provides a variety of on-campus recovery meetings, hosts recovery events, and helps students make connections to other recovery services. Students in recovery support one another at Penn State to find success in an environment where the use of alcohol and other drugs is a central feature of a great many social situations. Part of the CRC is student-run through the CRC’s affiliated student organization, Lions for Recovery, who meet regularly on Fridays at 4:30pm, perform service to others and create recovery-friendly social events, and part of the CRC is run by alumni in the CRC-affiliated Alumni Interest Group called Lions in Recovery. For a calendar of CRC events check out their website or Facebook page.





To discuss your interest and options available, please contact:
• Jason Whitney, Program Coordinator, Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community, 814863-0140, jxw411@psu.edu

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