Lions For Recovery

A student-run group dedicated to supporting the recovery community at Penn State through personal growth, service, and social activities.
Our goal is to provide students in
recovery, desiring recovery, or allied
with recovery a supportive
organization where they can reach
their potential while enjoying an
authentic college experience free of
alcohol and drugs.
Any undergraduate or graduate Penn
State student committed to living
clean and sober or supportive of
sober living.
DUES/FEES: There are no dues or fees
for membership.
Lions for Recovery protects the anonymity
of all members.
  • Attend LFR meetings at 4pm on Fridays in 105 Pasquerilla.
  • Participate in our service activities
  • Attend family dinners and other meals
  • Join us for lunch on Wednesdays 11:45-1:30 in 105 Pasquerilla
  • Support recovery by attending Celebration of Recovery, held in October and April each year
  • Hold a leadership position (i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary, Webmaster, Treasurer)
  • Represent the LFR at the Association of Students About Service (ASAS) Convention at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas
  • Hangout or study in the CRC’s lounge with other members
  • Get involved in camping,  movie night, game nights, backpacking, and other recreational activities with other members
  • Help put up LFR announcements and distribute other materials
  • Be available to welcome new members and help recruit students in recovery to Penn State
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