Lions In Recovery


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  • Take a leadership position within the organization
  • Become an “active member” and attend our meetings in person or through teleconference (LIR meets approximately once a month)
  • Celebrate by taking a chip at one of our Celebration of Recovery meetings (Saturday evening of Homecoming and Blue/White Weekends) Family/friends welcome!
  • Connect with a local chapter of LIR in your city (for information about whether an LIR chapter is in your city, or to start a chapter, contact the LIR President.
  • Write a letter to the students or University to show your support
  • Come visit the Collegiate Recovery Community’s Center in 105 and 106 Pasquerilla. Attend a meeting on campus
  • Make a donation



Our purpose includes:

  • Creating opportunities for social and professional networking to celebrate all Penn State alumni in recovery and supporting members of the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community in their recoveries after they graduate
  • Providing Penn State Alumni in recovery a wider support network of fellow recovering alums
  • Showing strong support for the University’s initiatives that support the recovery of current students, faculty,and staff at Penn State
  • Cooperating with and supporting the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community and its affiliated student organization, Lions for Recovery.
  • Fostering a sense of pride in and commitment to the University and the Penn State Alumni Association.

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We, when acting as members of Lions in Recovery:
  • Assume that LIR members wish to remain anonymous, and do not reveal the full names of other members or post photos of members unless permission is given. One is never required to make their full names public at any point, and breaking others members’ anonymity should be avoided at all times.
  • Avoid conflict with 12 step programs by asking our members to adhere to the public relations policies of those 12 step programs in which are they members, even though LIR itself is not affiliated with any 12 step group. In a public space, when identifying as member of a specific 12 step program, abbreviate your name (as in Bill W.). In public spaces, LIR members using their full names should not mention the specific 12 step groups to which they belong.
  • Help protect LIR’s reputation from the potentially damaging actions of individual members by exercising extreme caution when dealing with press, radio, films, television, and other media. Students should refrain from issuing public statements, giving interviews or being filmed until after they have consulted with the Director.
  • Have no opinion on outside issues, including issues at Penn State that have no relation to our primary purpose of helping the Penn State commun ity member in recovery. LIR thus seeks to avoid being drawn into public controversy.
*The CRC is not affiliated with any 12 step program, and our public relations policy urges our members to adhere to the traditions of the 12 step groups to which they belong.