Goals and Objectives

PSEOP works toward increased recognition of educational office personnel by developing an awareness, both from within and outside the University community, of the high professional level of office personnel of Penn State.

  • Dedicated to professional and personal development of the University’s office professionals
  • Open to all current and retired Penn State University office professionals at all college and campus locations
  • Promote continuing education to meet the challenges of ever-expanding and changing responsibilities
  • Promote the exchange of ideas for a more effective office professional


Pennsylvania Association of Educational Office Professionals (PAEOP) was founded in 1937 as a member-supported organization dedicated to:

  • Professional growth and recognition of educational office personnel
  • Advance the educational interests of Pennsylvania through services of educational office personnel
  • Cultivate a spirit of enthusiasm, understanding and good will among educational office employees
  • Pool ideas and ideals toward a more efficient and professional staff

Membership Benefits

PSEOP provides excellent professional opportunities.

  • Increase knowledge, skills and expertise through regular meetings for discussions and networking
  • Gain leadership abilities by participating on committees and special projects
  • Interact with others with common interests, concerns and goals
  • Meet new people and enjoy lasting friendships
  • Develop contacts throughout Penn State’s colleges and campuses
  • Gain information on workshops, conferences, seminars and other educational opportunities
  • Be reimbursed for partial out-of-pocket costs for professional development courses through the Grant-in-Aid Program

The Challenge…

We encourage Penn State staff to become members of Penn State Educational Office Professionals , and actively participate in our meetings, programs, and projects. The goals and affiliations of our organization provide excellent professional opportunities.

Office professionals are the backbone and main support for Penn State’s administrative system. We encourage taking advantage of every opportunity to improve oneself, personally and professionally, through Continuing Education workshops and courses, resident instruction, online courses, Human Resource programs, professional development workshops, seminars and courses, and PSEOP sponsored workshops and meetings.

PSEOP stimulates the commitment for professional growth. Members share the fun and frustration of office life with their colleagues at various opportunities to network. Members become an important part of a system of contacts and soul mates throughout the Penn State system of colleges and campuses.

For more information, please contact Pam Stauffer at pjw3@psu.edu with any questions.