Read the current year’s list of committee members.

Information about the following committees can be found on individual pages:

Executive Board


This committee reports to the President. The duties are to review and update the bylaws of the Chapter as needed. Ensure all aspects of the nominations for elected officers are completed. Ensure the financial records are audited yearly. Oversee the grant-in-aid benefit to members.


The bylaws should be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure that they are accommodating and guiding the membership. The Executive Board may make suggestions or the members may make suggestions. This board must discuss such suggestions and make sure they are for the betterment of the organization. The Board may also make suggestions.

An announcement must be made to the membership that the bylaws are to be ratified. This can be done via an email to the listserv.

All changes to the bylaws must be voted upon by the membership. The vote to change the bylaws will take place at a regular monthly meeting or program or via email.

Officer Nominations

Contact the members regarding officer nominations for Vice-President, Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary annually in March. This process may take several weeks until you have at least one candidate for each officer position. All nominees must be members. This can be confirmed with the membership list the Assistant Treasurer keeps.

Contact nominees to ask whether they will accept the nomination. If they accept, ask them to provide a brief biography.

Once you have a full list of candidates and have received the biographies, send the ballot via email to the members for voting.

Once the voting deadline is reached, tally the votes and announce the winners at the annual recognition event.


When an application is received, verify all requested information is received and that they are a member. This can be confirmed with the membership list the Assistant Treasurer keeps.


Auditing Committee will be appointed bu the President/Executive Board with at least two people within the membership to audit the financial records yearly at the conclusion of each academic year (June).