Serve first year as the Vice-President, second year as President and third year as an Ex-Officio Officer. As Ex-Officio, you are not required to attend executive or membership meetings but must be available for current officers to ask questions.


Act as Chair contact for the Executive Committee


1. Call and preside over monthly Executive Board meetings.

  • Determine time and place of each meeting.
  • Prepare agenda for meeting.
  • Ask officers to report on their respective committees.
  • Ask the Treasurer to provide updated finance report. These reports are posted on b-pseop-shared (requires initials by both Treasurer/Asst.Treasurer)
  • Send out officer nomination/election information in March. Review membership list to consider reaching out to members who would serve PSEOP well.
  • Approve emails sent to PSEOP listserv by Executive Committee Members.

2. Coordinate a September kick-off gathering for members.

  • Determine time and place of the meeting.
  • Send an invitation to members about kick-off event and include information about committee sign-ups. Include committee descriptions and remind members that if they wish to continue to work with the same committee that they must re-sign.
  • Prepare/update committee sign-up sheets.
  • Ask past committee chairs to present at the kick-off so members are aware of the time commitment and duties of the committees.

3. Prepare and send a monthly newsletter.

4. Promote PSEOP

  • Send a letter and flyer to all University HR Reps and assistants in August (thru PSU HR Office)
  • Connect with HR and Workplace Learning & Performance and offer to do a presentation at employee orientation or other classes/programs/meetings as appropriate.
  • Become a member of PAEOP (dues paid with PSEOP funds) and share announcements with PSEOP membership.

5. Work with Program Committee to coordinate May banquet.

  • Sign all award certificates.
  • Prepare speech for awards banquet.
  • Serve as MC of the banquet

6. Keep the Procedures Manual updated and saved on b-pseop-Shared.

  • Upload current version of documents to b-pseop-Shared
  • Change access on b-pseop-Shared box so the new officers have access
  • Ensure website is up-to-date

7. Manage the b-pseop site to keep information current. This will be used to share documents among the PSEOP Executive Committee. (

8. Donate

  • Discussion item for Executive Committee Meetings

9. In March and April – New officer election nomination process begins for Vice-President, Assistant Secretary, and Assistant Treasurer. Discuss potential candidates with Executive Committee. Prepare ballot and request votes by end of April. Vice President will collect ballots, tally them and forward final results to the President (who will notify each awardee via email). VP will prepare email to Executive Committee announcing recipients. Membership is informed of new officers at the annual banquet.

10. November/March – Hold business Meetings (official agenda, minutes, etc.). Work with Program Committee on dates.

11. End of Year Activities

  • Appoint Auditing Committee with at least 2 people within the membership to audit the books. The President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer should be present for the audit.
  • Schedule a transition board meeting with all incoming and outgoing officers.
  • Arrange for the newly appointed Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, President and Vice-President to sign new signature cards with Penn State Federal Credit Union.