Computers and the Universe 2018

In 2018, this workshop has received funding from the National Science Foundation to support teachers.  Scholarships will be available for full support of attendance, including travel, lodging, and meals for teachers whose districts do not support those costs.  The only exception is the $100 registration fee, which we are unable to waive.  

Teachers who teach in districts that serve students from traditionally underrepresented and underserved populations will be given first priority for all scholarship funds.  Pennsylvania teachers who come from districts that are part of CIU#10 are particularly encouraged to apply.

Workshop Content:

  • Agenda for 2018 workshop (last updated 9 July).
  • Outline of workshop content:
    • Computer hardware for scientific computing
    • Data analysis and visualization
    • Latest developments in scientific computation
    • Applications in Solar System motions
    • Applications in nature and cosmology

This workshop is meant as an introduction to computational astronomy.  While the workshop content will focus on how researchers perform computational analyses of challenging problems, no prior experience with programming is necessary.  For those with programming experience, extension opportunities to go beyond the workshop content will be shared that can be explored using C, C++, Python, Matlab, or Mathematica, for example.

Here are the links to the resources presented during the 2018 workshop:

Here are links to the resources presented during 2017 workshop: