Online Peace Science Colloquia Call for Papers

Excellent research on peace science continues both before and after the annual Peace Science Society meeting, and technology makes it easier than ever to share this work with a wide audience and solicit feedback for the authors. The Online Peace Science Colloquium (OPSC) aims to further integrate and socialize the international peace science community, publicize new and exciting work in a digestible format, and increase opportunities to receive feedback on advanced working papers, facilitating their publication in reputable outlets.

Papers accepted to the OPSC Fall 2016 session will be circulated to 3-4 discussants, each of whom will be asked to prepare comments. An online meeting will follow where the author will present the research project to the discussants and an online audience and then receive feedback from each discussant. The schedule of workshops will be posted online so others interested in the topics may join in live and provide feedback. Completed presentations are archived online at — see that site for examples of previous presentations.

All papers related to the topic of peace science, including both international and/or domestic levels of analysis, will be considered for presentation in the colloquium. We welcome submissions from peace scientists of any rank and approach. If a decision rule must be used, priority (but not exclusivity) will be given to junior scholars, peace science members, or those on the academic job market. It is strongly encouraged that papers be drafted at the time of application.

Papers will be posted online one week in advance of the colloquium presentation. The presentations will be on Fridays throughout the fall at 12pm Central/1pm Eastern. The full schedule of presentations will be circulated at the beginning of the semester and posted on

To submit a paper for the OPSC, please send the following information in an email to

  • Title
  • Abstract and/or an Introduction from the paper. If submitting an abstract alone, applicants should also include a timeline for completion of a full draft.
  • Author(s) names, job title(s), and institutional affiliation(s). Graduate students should list their year in their program.
  • Applicants are encouraged to point out if they are currently or soon-to-be on the job market.
  • Availability. Please note any Fridays when the presenter is absolutely not available for a presentation. Feel free to list preferred dates; we’ll do our best but no promises.

The deadline for submissions for the fall colloquium is Friday, July 15th, 2016. If you have questions (or would like to volunteer as a discussant), please email Emily Ritter at


Coordinator of Online Speaker Series: 

Emily Hencken Ritter, University of California, Merced

OPSC advisory committee: 

Sam Bell, Kansas State University
Vanessa Lefler, Middle Tennessee State University
Cyanne Loyle, Indiana University
Toby J Rider, Texas Tech University

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