With apologies to Eric Liddell

Sunday morning philosophizing about work, inspired by the 1982 movie Chariots of Fire:

“God made me nerdy. And when I set up network services, I feel His pleasure.”


An additional quick thought, more VoIP-related: it’s not about the phone — except the softphone. A good VoIP system should let you access all or at least most of its features through any handset, from a crummy analog single-line touch-tone set to a touch-screen many-button Cisco 7975. Give me a way to transfer and park calls on my analog set through the switchhook and keypad and give me softkeys on my IP phone.

The softphone is still a big deal. Not only is it on the laptop computer, now it’s on the PDA and (hacked) iPhone. It’s on the Nintendo DS, and it’s embedded into web pages using Flash.