XMeeting 0.4 preview 2: decent

The XMeeting project has been slow-going but fortunately release 0.3.4 from July 2007 has been very stable. Over the past year and a half, Apple released some Quicktime updates that caused a funny distortion of the local camera view. Otherwise, it’s been solid.

Near the beginning of the year, I found release 0.4 preview 1 posted on Sourceforge and tried it. Couldn’t keep it running. Preview 2 was released at the end of January and seems to be much more stable. It fixes the local camera view bug, has a cleaner Preferences panel and seems to have some updates for H.264. I’m still not connecting to the Polycom MGC-100 at any higher protocol and resolution than H.261 CIF, so that incompatibility has not been fixed. Still, I am pleased to see progress in the XMeeting program and a fix for the video bug.

XMeeting 0.4 preview 2