Astricon update

Astricon has been a great mix of training, product information, case studies, and networking. Some of the sessions, such as one on how to program using the Asterisk Manager Interface, are clearly Asterisk-specific. Others have dealt with more general topics such as load-balancing VoIP services using a SIP proxy like Open{SER|SIPS}|Kamailio and tying in some cloud services, such as those from Voxeo (I’m a fan), to add voice features or logic. Like last year, the Astricon presentations are being recorded and will be accessible on
Denver is a nice city but has some unusual weather:
denver-fall-before.jpg denver-fall-after.jpg
Before: Monday afternoon, high 70s, beautiful fall colors After: Wednesday morning, about 30 degrees, several inches of snow!
I’m all about wikis, forums, and blogs when it comes to learning about Asterisk, but I’m excited to have the official paperback books on the subject:


Thanks, Digium!