Guarding your productivity sweet spot

Get to know your work habits and soon you’ll know that time of day that is your productivity sweet spot.

Mine is 10:00a.m.
Coincidentally, the majority of meetings to which I am invited happen right around this time of day. Unfortunately, meetings aren’t typically where work gets done. They are where work gets talked about. The actual work gets done outside the meetings.
From now on, the meetings I schedule will be in the afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Guarding your productivity sweet spot”

  1. For me, multi-tasking N things = doing each thing only 1/N as fast at 1/N the quality. But your point is well-taken. At least some transitional time would be saved by using the phone.

  2. I’m the same way, my sweet spot is from 10 AM to 2PM. That’s not to say that the other times are completely off, but I need to watch that up time to make sure I’m doing my most important things for the day when my energy is maximized.

    Being a VOIP / IP Telephony expert… have you considered doing your meetings by voice so you can, um, multi-task? 🙂

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