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Astricon 2012 recap

Time to dust off the blog.

Last week I had the privilege once again of attending Astricon, this time in Atlanta. It was the biggest Astricon yet, showing that Asterisk is continuing to gain users and momentum. As a finale to the show, Digium released Asterisk 11, the latest long-term support (LTS) version. Asterisk 11 includes WebRTC support, ICE/STUN/TURN for NAT traversal, new encryption methods and a reworked Jingle/Google Talk/Google Voice driver set (now called chan_motif).
Digium was heavily promoting their IP phone hardware, giving away D40 sets as quickly as other vendors at the show gave away T-shirts and pens. The phones are solid and feature-full, akin to current models of Polycom and Cisco-Linksys. When integrated with Asterisk or Switchvox, provisioning is incredibly simple, taking advantage of mDNS (Bonjour) for discovery and configuration.
Speaking of Switchvox, I got my first real look at the user interface and slick API that are part of Digium’s SMB turn-key solution. If I just wanted to plunk down some money and get a sophisticated, polished and powerful PBX for a small or medium business, I’d buy it. 
I attended a session on controlling Asterisk with HTML5 and Node.js, and another on the Adhearsion platform for controlling Asterisk. Both sessions were inspiring, but I know neither Javascript (for HTML5/Node programming) nor Ruby (for Adhearsion). The only question in my mind is which of these I should learn first.

Asterisk 10 and SCF

Today’s final session of Astricon was an update on Asterisk 10, Asterisk SCF and DAHDI, the Digium hardware driver.

SCF, the scalable distributed framework, will go beta in November or December. The Digium folks pointed the audience to the Asterisk project wiki for more information, so I will do the same and point you to it: Asterisk SCF Home (wiki). SCF was announced at last year’s Astricon and my take on it is that it will make Asterisk enterprise- and carrier-grade.
Asterisk 10 has some great improvements related to media handling, conferencing, and FAX. Digium’s Steve Sokol gave a great interview to TMC blogger Tom Keating: Asterisk 10 – The Inside Story.

Astricon update

Astricon has been a great mix of training, product information, case studies, and networking. Some of the sessions, such as one on how to program using the Asterisk Manager Interface, are clearly Asterisk-specific. Others have dealt with more general topics such as load-balancing VoIP services using a SIP proxy like Open{SER|SIPS}|Kamailio and tying in some cloud services, such as those from Voxeo (I’m a fan), to add voice features or logic. Like last year, the Astricon presentations are being recorded and will be accessible on astricon.net.
Denver is a nice city but has some unusual weather:
denver-fall-before.jpg denver-fall-after.jpg
Before: Monday afternoon, high 70s, beautiful fall colors After: Wednesday morning, about 30 degrees, several inches of snow!
I’m all about wikis, forums, and blogs when it comes to learning about Asterisk, but I’m excited to have the official paperback books on the subject:


Thanks, Digium!