October 5

Outline for Civic Artifact Essay

Outline for Essay


Original Artifact: Lady Justice/Scales of Justice_35

Contrasting Artifact: Album Cover of Metallica https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…And_Justice_for_All_(album)




Overview: Found contrasting image on a whim by googling “justice for all,” which is the name of the Metallica album from 1988. I believe I will stay with this image and compare it to my original because it displays, I believe, a more realistic version of how justice and the law were presented when the album was released and how the law/justice is perceived today.



  • Reintroduce original artifact and provide background info
  • Introduce new artifact for comparison and provide background info
  • Explain similarities and differences between two
    • Touch upon ideas brought up in speech—how Lady Justice calls on us to act civically—discuss details and juxtapose them with those from album cover and how they differ—and the significance of that difference
  • Context of both—time period



  • Paragraphs will most likely be split based on characteristic or detail on statue, or by rhetorical device
    • Ex: paragraph about scales, blindfold, sword, strings, etc.
    • Ex: logos, pathos, Kairos
  • Tie in more about time period album was created in and how it applies to now as well
  • Discuss how one version is the idealistic version, the perfect version, while other is more realistic, raw, and honest
  • Possibly tie in song lyrics because album was about political and legal injustice**
  • Also discuss phrase “justice for all,” which ties in the Pledge of Allegiance
    • Widen lens to cover what it means to be a part of our justice system—are we forced to be aligned with it or not? Do we have a choice? What does it mean to “pledge allegiance?”
  • Is justice just an ideal? Something to strive for, or can it be achieved? How is it achieved?
  • How is justice conveyed to the general public? Is there one definition of justice? Can it be molded to different situations? Is it circumstantial?



  • So what does this all mean?
  • What is the importance of the difference between these two representations of the same object?
    • Why did Metallica feel the need to manipulate this image, or make an album that completely revolves around it? How was the album received?
  • Have circumstances changed since the late 80s, or are the issues that were prevalent back then that inspired this album cover still present today?
    • Or are both illusions? Do the details on either statue misrepresent what is true about the law and justice system?
      • Should we be blind to what is in front of us? Does that truly make us objective? Can we really make decisions or form opinions by separating the facts from the emotions and context and etc., can decisions be made that simply?

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