January 13

Ideas for TIB, continuation of Passion Blog, and Civics Blog



For my “This I believe” podcast I may center my discussion around the broad ideas of either “happiness” or “understanding.” To go into further detail, for “happiness” I would discuss how my family has instilled in me how to live each day as a choice: to wake up excited and with a smile, or let the events of the previous day weigh on you. Happiness is a state of mind, a choice you make, even in the darkest of circumstances. My mother also makes it a point that happiness is infectious, so not only does your choice to be positive improve your day, but the day of those around you because you never know when the smallest act of kindness will make a world of a difference. If I were to discuss in further detail about the importance of “understanding,” I would focus on how people are too quick to attach their emotions to situations and thus forget to step back and analyze the situation from an outside viewpoint and clearly understand why people do the things they do, say what they say, act how they act. It is much easier to go into a conversation with a level head and leave judgement at the door. I would also discuss how all opinions are valid and there is no such thing as a “wrong” opinion, just ones that are misinformed or improperly communicated within a certain setting. When people say to me another person is “wrong” or their opinion is false, I say to them “that’s not fair.” If you invalidate or deny someone’s opinion you are violating the core belief of having an opinion, and whether you accept it or not, you just have to understand.

For my Passion Blog I will maintain the same topic of discussing the law and certain court cases. Last semester since we had to post 10 blogs I focused each post on one of the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution. With the hope of not becoming to repetitive, this semester I will branch out from the Bill of Rights and either discuss current course cases or will select high profile cases and discuss their importance/effect in relation to the law. One way I can improve my blog is to make it more relatable and fun to read so that readers can apply some of the information to their own lives.

For my Civic Issues blog, I plan to focus on the larger topic of Identities and Rights. I hope to relate this blog to my Passion Blog as that relates to the law. Since my Civics Blog will connect to my Passion Blog I will expand what I am talking about every week in my Passion Blog and discuss the “theme” of the week on the international stage. I will do this by analyzing a case both at home and abroad that centers around the same issue and discuss how they are similar and different. Another idea I have for my Civics Blog will be to discuss international law and pick a country each week and research and discuss their judicial system; my blog will then be a summary of law around the world.

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1 thoughts on “Ideas for TIB, continuation of Passion Blog, and Civics Blog

  1. abh5379

    Wow, these are some really good ideas and I’ll start off by responding to your “This I Believe” paragraph. I think you have a lot ideas and that’s good but I would suggest perhaps focusing them in a bit more. There’s nothing wrong with approaching a broad topic such as happiness, but three minutes goes by very quickly! If happiness is where you want to take this I think that’s great, but I also liked the idea of taking a step back in regards to controlling your emotions so I think that’s a good second choice that could be interesting. I think the continuation of your passion blog seems like a good idea and you seem to know where you want to go with it. One thing that I think may be interesting is perhaps looking at some other amendments or even some failed amendments and why they were never ratified. Lastly, I think you have a good idea for your civic issues blog and I like how it ties in with your passion blog, it should make for some interesting posts. The only thing I would caution you on is not making the two repetitive or too overlapping, but I think you should be fine with that. I think you have some great ideas and a good sense of where you want to go with this, and I look forward to reading your posts as the come!


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