Instructor Info

Ben Henderson

Office: 245 Sparks Bldg
Mailbox: 232 Sparks Bldg

E-mail: benhenderson [at] psu,edu

Spring Office Hours:

  • Monday and Wednesday 11:15-12:15
  • Thursday 1:15-2:15
  • Also by appointment

About Ben

I teach public speaking, teamwork, leadership, and writing classes through Penn State’s Communication Arts and Sciences department and via the Center for Workplace Learning and Performance.  I also oversee the department’s collaborative communication courses.

My research interests include transformational leadership, narrative and experiential ways of knowing and communicating truth, the role of religion in American public discourse, and the power of language to create both division and community.

I’m also interested in backpacking, making music, cooking, and raising unusual pets.  But I’ll tell you more about those things in class.


Note: This is not one of my pets.