Reaching an Audience


When considering the goals for your message, think about where your audience “hangs out.” What are their media habits? Which of those do you have access to?

To do this, you need to first clearly identify your audience. Your audience CANNOT be “everyone.”

So how do you meet them? How will they find your message?

Making a video? How will they see it? Just having it on YouTube isn’t enough. You can’t expect the to come looking for you; they don’t know you exist.

Social Media is a great way to invite people to your message. Consider which platforms work for different groups:

Traditional media still has power for Gen Xers and Boomers:

For the purposes of your Advocacy Assignment, you must be clear about your audience, and be able to clearly explain your choices and the path your message will take to reach them.

(taken from L.Bedell)

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