Spring 2018 Schedule

(T) 1-9 Introduction to RCL II and classmates

Unit Five: “This I Believe” (TIB)

(R) 1-11 Discuss “This I Believe” project Read: TIB info on instructions and ‘About’ web link


Listen: To 2-3 TIB podcasts

(T) 1-16 Discuss TIB project and CI blog thread

TIB examples and discussion

Read: Civic Issues blog thread information:


Brainstorm ideas for TIB


(R) 1-18 Creating a ‘personal narrative’

Peer discussion of TIB ideas

Blogging Week 1

Read: Lamott, ‘Bird by Bird’

Bring: Draft of TIB ideas

Post: CI1 & PAS1


(T) 1-23 Unit Six: Deliberating

What is Deliberation?

Conversation and Discussion


Read: Gastil, ‘Conversation and Discussion’


(R) 1-25 Discuss deliberation requirements

Blogging Week 2


Post: CI2 & PAS2


(T) 1-30 Meet in W140 Pattee Library for tutorial on creating a podcast


Mediated Deliberation and Public Opinion

Groups discuss deliberation topic options

Read: Naming and Framing report


(R) 2-1 Toward a Deliberative Democracy

Groups present deliberation topics

Blogging Week 3


Due: TIB (script and podcast posted as a blog entry)

Read: London, ‘Thinking Together’ http://www.scottlondon.com/reports/dialogue.html

Post: CI3 & PAS3

(T) 2-6 Moderator training

Online incivility

Read: Moderator Packet


(R) 2-8

Research/framing of deliberation topics

Blogging, Week 4


Read: Study about Deliberation Dynamics

Post: RCL1

(T) 2-13 Facilitating a deliberation

Research/framing of deliberation topics


Read: ‘The Role of Facilitator’ document



(R) 2-15 Test run of deliberation format

Blogging, Week 5


Read: 2 articles on test run deliberation subject

Post: RCL2

(T) 2-20 Issues with running a deliberation

Group deliberation preparation


Deliberation Nation takes place

Mon. 2/19-Thur. 3/1


Work on group’s deliberation Issue Guide; submit in advance of your group’s deliberation
(R) 2-22 No class meeting – attend deliberations Prepare for your roles in your group’s deliberation

(No blogging this week)

(T) 2-27 No class meeting – attend deliberations


(R) 3-1 Discussion about deliberation experiences

Instructions for post-deliberation report

(No blogging this week)


(T) 3-13 Unit Seven: Persuasion and Advocacy

Differences between Deliberation and Persuasion

Read: The Essential Guide to Rhetoric, chapter 4

Due: Post-deliberation reports

(R) 3-15 Persuasion and Civic Life

Discuss Persuasive Essay Assignment

Blogging Week 6


Read: Persuasive Essay instructions

Post: CI4 & PAS4


(T) 3-20 Research Strategies

Review formatting for scholarly papers


Read: Chapter on Persuasion (pp. 134-148)


(R) 3-22 Discussion of topics/sources/evidence

Blogging Week 7

Post: RCL3


(T) 3-27 Considering audiences and modalities

Persuasive Fallacies

Discuss Advocacy Project

Read: Article about Persuasive Fallacies https://writingcenter.unc.edu/tips-and-tools/fallacies/


(R) 3-29

Advocacy project discussion and examples


Blogging Week 8

Read: Advocacy Project instructions


Post: RCL4

(T) 4-3 More on Persuasion and Advocacy

Using graphics to persuade


Read: TIME photo essay/article about domestic violence



(R) 4-5 Peer discussion of Advocacy Projects

Blogging Week 9


Due: Persuasive Essay

Post: RCL5


(T) 4-10 Unit Eight: Presenting Yourself

Introduce e-Portfolio Assignment

Review Sample e-Portfolios


Read: ePortfolio instructions


(R) 4-12 Presenting oneself online

Blogging Week 10


Read: The Essential Guide to Rhetoric, chapter 7

Post: CI5 and PAS5


(T) 4-17 More on Presentation of Self

Do/Don’ts of  e-Portfolios

Read: Section 4 about online portfolios: https://www.e-education.psu.edu/styleforstudents/book/export/html/1797



(R) 4-19 Work on Advocacy Projects/final e-Portfolios Work on Advocacy Project


(T) 4-24 Present Advocacy Projects (1)



Due: Advocacy Project

Due: Link to Final e-Portfolio (site is created and published, not completed)

(R) 4-26 Present Advocacy Projects (2)


Final e-Portfolio completed

by 10 am on Monday April 30