Hippie symbol

I think most people recognized the hippie symbol as the peace sign symbol. But did you guys ever wonder to think how this symbol came about?  The symbol was designed by a British artist in 1958 named Gerald Holtom. His intention for this design was so it can be the symbol for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear.  However a philosopher named Bertrand Russell , who was a member of that committee supported and promoted Holtoms symbol. The symbol became first visible at a march in the United Kingdom that same year it was designed. But one thing that surprised me was that Russell actually was a communist who wanted to create a new world order where there was no government and no God. He wanted to use the symbol in order to signify defeat and to disrespect Jesus. Holtom regretted not promoting his sign to be used for joy and peace. But during the time of the hippie movement, the sign somehow made it to America. This was a time where society felt a nuclear war can occur at any moment and America was invading Vietnam. There was a lot of unease and tension going on, therefore the symbol did end up becoming a symbol for peace and joy with the help of all those supporting it and trying to peacefully revolt against the government for wanting to go to war. I think till today most people consider that sign to signify peace, so at least Holtoms symbol was able to promote what he wanted it to promote.


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