Paradigm Shift Idea: Marriage and Divorce

A couple of centuries ago, the normal college-age student would probably be married. Nowadays in the United States, fewer people are getting married than throughout history, and people tend to postpone marriage and instead pursue careers and stability first. Divorce rates have also gone up, and it is more socially acceptable to get married many times, or to remain single, than throughout most of history. In my paradigm shift paper, I will analyze trends in marriage and divorce throughout history. I will write about the shift towards fewer marriages and higher divorce rates in the United States in recent decades and analyze the cultural context relating to that shift. I also hope to connect marriage culture to paradigm shifts relating to women’s rights and the role of women in society.

5 responses to “Paradigm Shift Idea: Marriage and Divorce

  1. This could be extremely interesting! You just want to be sure to get some statistics about marriage: average age at first one, divorce rates, remarriage rates, etc. — for different eras.

  2. Jordan Paulus

    I think this topic would work perfectly and would be extremely relevant. You would be able to use a lot of contextual data and analysis from other studies as well which would only enhance your argument. All-in-all, great idea and I think it will be an awesome paper.

  3. Natalia Ruggiero

    This is definitely a topic that has a lot of prevalence today because we see more and more couples living together who are not married simply because they do not see an importance in doing so. It would be interesting to compare this view today to the importance of being married back then.

  4. I think this would make an excellent paper. There should be plenty of data for you to analyze as this has been an ongoing discussion in the last decade or so. I think that careers are in fact why the average marriage age has increased but I would be curious to see what you say the rise in divorce rate is caused by.

  5. Diane Cascioli

    I think this idea is extremely interesting, as it is especially true that we live in an era where divorce is more acceptable (where there was a time when it was unheard of and shameful). I also like that you brought up that people are putting their careers first in their lives rather than love, which is a much more recent trend.

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