Paradigm Shift Paper Goals and Criteria for Evaluation

Paper Goals and Criteria for Evaluation
1. To present a compelling and lively introduction that orients and engages your reader, identifies your paradigm shift topic, and establishes an argumentative thesis for the shift’s causes and implications.

2. To skillfully incorporate convincing and varied evidence, examples, arguments, and research that support your claims and deepen your readers’ understanding.

3. To use effective arrangement strategies, such as incorporating strong topic sentences and paragraphing patterns, with sensible, easy-to-follow transitions between paragraphs and topics.

5. To write in a lively style, using apt phrasing and varying sentence structure.

6. To demonstrate a strong awareness of grammar, punctuation, and style principles.

7. To expand, challenge, and transform the audience’s understanding of your topic.

8. To meet the page requirements of 7-10 pages, double-spaced, and minimum of four credible cited sources.