Rhetorical Analysis Essay Goals and Criteria for Evaluation

1. Make strong argumentative claims about the pieces and utilize effective analysis sentences.

2. Present the rhetorical situation(s) compellingly, effectively contextualizing these pieces of rhetoric.

3. Show a strong capacity for rhetorical analysis and reveal the artifacts’ ideological underpinnings, commonplaces or subtext(s).

4. Demonstrate how rhetorical proofs (ethos, pathos, and logos) and other rhetorical choices contribute to the pieces’ persuasive aims.

5. Write in a lively style, using apt phrasing and varying sentence structure.

6. Use effective arrangement strategies, especially drawing upon strong topic sentences and sensible paragraphing.

7. Demonstrate a strong awareness of grammar, punctuation, and style principles.

8. Expand, challenge, and transform the audience’s understanding of the pieces.