Sample Student Blogs

Student Samples: I included a few student blogs from previous courses.  Take a look at some of these to get ideas. *These fall into the Lifestyles, Experience and Experiment, Entertainment and Criticism and Sports and Hobbies blogs.



Carla Santarelli – Fashion Blog

Mary Reid  – How To Survive the Struggle that is College

Jim Davidson – Observations from a Freshman

Oluwasanmi “Victor” Ariyo -Enter the Mind of a Music Connoisseur

Read articles about Ariyo’s Passion:

  • Well Verse-Presidential Leadership Academy Student creates original sound while working toward engineer degree
  • Penn State Rapper Sanmi Recognizes his potential, Dreams Big

Ishan Muzumdar – E=mc^Buckets- Revealing the True Story Behind the Numbers

Connor Heckman -The Poet in the Corner: A Journey into Spoken Word

Jessica Tatone – History is Happening-Celebrate and Remember the History of the United States day by day as we discuss the implications of historical events in our society today–(with Hamilton musical  gifs)


Jessica Tatone

Mary Reid

Peyton Woodward 

Ishan Muzumdar