Schedule Fall 2017

Date Content DUE for the day—so read BEFORE class!
T 8/22 Introduction to Course
R 8/24 Introduction to Blogging

Lab Session: Setting up Blogs


Read: Kramer, “Best Blogging Practices”
T 8/29 Unit One: Rhetoric and Civic Life

What does it mean to be civic in 2017?

Unit 1.1: Civic Engagement Speech Instructions

Read: Schudson, “How People Learn to Be Civic”; Keith & Lundberg, Chapter 1; Instructions for Unit One Projects
R 8/31 Ideologies & Commonplaces

Blogging, Session 1

Read: Crowley & Hawhee, “Ancient Rhetorics: Their Differences and the Differences They Make”

Post: RCL #1

T 9/5 Kairos and the Rhetorical Situation


Read: Crowley & Hawhee, “Kairos and the Rhetorical Situation: Seizing the Moment”
R 9/7 Doing Rhetorical Analysis and Modes of Persuasion

Unit 1.2: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Blogging, Session 2

Read: Keith & Lundberg, Chapters 2-4

Post: RCL #2, PAS #1

9/6-7 Recommended:

Attend Library Open House at your convenience (9:00 am—5:00 pm)

T 9/12 Examples of Rhetorical Analysis Read: Keith & Lundberg, Chapter 5
R 9/14 Rhetorical Canons—Speech

Blogging, Session 3

Post: RCL #3
T 9/19 Organizing a Speech Prepare: Pitch for Civic Artifact
R 9/21 Speech Workshop

Blogging, Session 4

Deliver 1 min pitch for Civic Artifact

Post: RCL #4, PAS #2

T 9/26 Civic Engagement Speeches
R 9/28 Civic Engagement Speeches

Blogging, Session 5

Post: RCL #5
T 10/3 Civic Engagement Speeches
R 10/5 Unit Two: Researching Rhetorical Issues Across Time

Paradigm Shift Paper and TED Talk Instructions

Blogging, Session 6

DUE: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Read: Instructions for Unit Two Projects

Post: RCL #6, PAS #3

T 10/10 Stasis Theory

Conceptualizing, Researching, and Pitching Paradigm Shifts

Read: Crowley & Hawhee, “Achieving Stasis by Asking the Right Questions”;

“What is a Paradigm Shift?”

R 10/12 Discuss Paradigm Shifts

Blogging, Session 7

Post: RCL #7
T 10/17 Lab Session: One Button Studio

**Class meets in W140 Pattee Library***

R 10/19 Paradigm Shift Workshop

Blogging, Session 8

Prepare: Paradigm Shift Essay Draft

Post: RCL #8, PAS #4

T 10/24 Analyzing TED Talks

Memory and Delivery

DUE: Paradigm Shift Essay

View: TED Talk Examples

R 10/26 Unit Three: Exploring Controversies with Multimedia

Hist. of a Public Controversy Instructions

Blogging, Session 9

Read: Instructions for Unit Three Project

Post: RCL #9

T 10/31 TED Talks
R 11/2 TED Talks
T 11/7 TED Talks
R 11/9 TED Talks
T 11/14 Lab Session: iMovie Workshop

**Class meets in W140 Pattee Library***

Blogging, Session 10

Read: Hogan, “Anatomy of a Public Controversy”

View: History of Public Controversy Examples

R 11/16  

History of Public Controversy Discussion


Post: RCL #10, PAS #5
T 11/28 History of Public Controversy Discussion Read: “Visual Modes of Communication”;

Bedell, “Documentary (AKA Non-Fiction) Films”

R 11/30 Group Project Meetings
T 12/5 Group Project Meetings
R 12/7 History of Public Controversy Presentations
M 12/11 DUE by 5:00 pm: History of Public Controversy Video