Required Course Textbooks

The Essential Guide to Rhetoric. Keith and Lundberg. ISBN: 9780312472399

Office Hours:  120 Burrowes (South)

Monday 10:00-11:00

Wednesday 11:30-2:00

The 9:05 section meet in 11 Sparks on Tuesday and Thursday.  The 10:35 section meet in 213 Buckhout Lab every Tuesday. Thursday we meet in 112 Boucke.

Major Assignments

The major assignments for Rhetoric and Civic Life I are:

Unit One: 25% of Final Grade

Civic Artifact Speech (15% of final grade)
Rhetorical Analysis Essay (15% of final grade)

Unit Two: 30% of Final Grade

RCL TED Talk (15% of final grade)
Paradigm Shift Paper (15% of final grade)

Unit Three: 20% of Final Grade

History of a Public Controversy Project (20% of final grade)
Attendance, Participation and Blogging: 25% of final grade

Passion and RCL Blogs (17% of final grade)
“Elevator” Pitches (3 % of final grade)
Participation and Attendance (5% of final grade)

Grading Standards —Grading-Standards

Note: The Penn State grading scale does not allow the option of awarding grades of C-, D+ or D- grades. This grading scale is recommended by the Penn State College of Liberal Arts. Instructors are not required to “round up” according to this scale.

For detailed information on course assignments, please consult the assignment-specific tabs on this course website.

**If you disagree with a grade that you receive, you may submit a written request to dispute the grade. The written request should outline your argument, why you believe you should receive a different grade. Disputes will only be accepted from students who are registered in the course. The professor must receive the written request no later than three calendar days after the grade was assigned (electronic submissions of a dispute are acceptable). After review, the professor reserves the right to agree or disagree with the grade dispute.

Course Resources

Penn State Rhetoric and Civic Life is a resource for all sections of RCL where you can find course-wide announcements and social media feeds. There, you can also find successful RCL assignment examples from previous years.

Writing and Speaking Help

Students are encouraged to draw upon the University’s resources to develop their skills in writing and speaking. Students can consult with peer writing tutors through Penn State Learning and get help with their oral communication skills and presentations from peer mentors at the Undergraduate Speaking Center, sponsored by the Penn State College of Liberal Arts. Keep in mind that these resources are free are useful for students at all levels!