Outline for Speech

Importantstarfish_caswell_bay_-_geograph-org-uk_-_409413 parts to think about: Invention (ideas that hold strong content) Arrangement (develop an organizational pattern) Style (personal message to tap into audience of students) Memory (don’t memorize, understand the topic and orientation) DELIVERY (confidence)


  • Video enhancing the effects of animals in civic life on a broad perspective to visually show how animals are used in civic life to affect how we think.
  • Highlight the major concepts that animals are used in various ways to persuade and appeal to audiences on a broad spectrum.
  • Mention that we tend to choose an animal that relates to how we guide our life, which will begin to introduce the personal aspect of the artifacts influence. Animals are a personal guide in civic life, and we get to pick the animal who represents us.

Personal Aspect

  • Begin to personalize the speech by honing in on what animal has guided me through my own civic life. Tell a story that shows how this animal has guided some of my decision making.
  • Begin to elaborate on the message that this animal has taught me.
  • Discuss how civic life uses animals to make messages more personal ourselves (Starfish has taught me change).

Broader Idea

  • Animals are not just used to guide personal decision making. They are used in commercials as represented in the intro. They are used on Ads. They are a use of persuasion because people appeal to animals.


  • Why is this relevant? We all have animals, we love animals. It’s important to recognize the things in life that we use to impact what decisions we are making.
  • Questions to ponder; What is your animal that has taught you a personal message? Who in here misses their animal at home? Do things feel lonely without the fury cuddle buddy? When you watched the super bowl commercial, it was talked about for days, why is that? In the ASPC commercials we instantly shut it off, or become emotional when seeing the animals faces, animals tap into our emotions, correct?
  • Animals can make us happy, make us sad, and are a key artifact in civic life that act as a guide for emotions, and decisions.

One thought on “Outline for Speech

  1. Your civic artifact was outlined very well. It seems like you have a pretty good idea on what you’re going to say. As I read your outline, I could tell that it will be easily connected to the audience. Good luck!

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