Draft for TIB: Its the little things in life…

“Krishna was once said the most miraculous thing in all creation, is that a man should wake each morning and believe deep in his heart that he will live forever, even though he knows that he is doomed.”

We had been in school for a week when George Berkowitz, a senior, passed away on September 1, 2014 due to an unexpected heart failure during his sleep. George filled every room with color, excitement, and happiness. His friends always laughed at his silly gestures. He would reach out to every student in the school, no matter whom, and shed his light. There was never a dull moment with George. His energy lit the room with encouraging vibes, he brought life to every single moment.

George was my sister’s close friend and fellow classmate. He spent a lot of time around me the year prior, and I got to know him quite well; he would always text my sister and declare his love for her, in a joking manner. I laughed every minute I was with him, and when he was no longer there, I still remember Grace, my sister, waiting for his text, and me waiting to laugh again at his jokes.

When I heard the news I remember standing at my locker in disbelief; I was confused, upset, and scared. Why did this happen? This could not have happened; he was only 17. I thought.

I went home that day, and sat looking out the window thinking to myself. Life is truly short, and we really don’t know if tomorrow will come or not. So this led me to a bigger understanding and appreciation for the little things in life.

As humans we tend to complicate things. Complicate relationships. Complicate work. Complicate school. But why? Sometimes I think wouldn’t it be easier to not think, just do. Just enjoy what is in front of us.

After Berki’s passing I developed a greater awareness of taking each day at a time, maybe because I lost my uncle this past year too, or suffered with losing a close friend from home due to suicide. But, tragedy and loss has taught me a very important lesson, and that is life is short, precious, and challenging. It may seem cliché to say, but living in the present moment is something I believe in. If we are thinking about how we can change what happened yesterday, or predict what will happen in the hours ahead we lose site of the special moments worth embracing. We miss the moments that are worth living.

I myself am a victim of failing to live each day in the present, because I think about what’s next, what’s to come, and what I can do to prepare myself for the future. But this mindset is not what I believe works. The uncertainties in life have taught me to step back, reflect, and enjoy the little things, because I now realize you truly never know when these things will no longer exist.

One thought on “Draft for TIB: Its the little things in life…

  1. I really liked the way you told this story. It flowed very well and is a good length for a podcast. I especially liked the paragraph on how we should not complicate things or look too far ahead. I thought this theme was superior than your main one, on appreciating the little things in life. I think you can tell the same story, but tweak your primary belief to keeping things simple and living in the present, rather than the one about the little things in life. I think that it connects more with the story you tell. What you have so far is a very good start and I am sure it will turn out great!

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