Connecting Over the Airwaves

It’s not often someone can say doing research is “like diving into an old movie.” But that’s what Shaheed Nick Mohammed experienced while writing his latest book, Distant Voices Near: Historical Globalization and Indian Radio in Trinidad and Tobago (University of the West Indies Press, 2017). “You sort of get … Continue reading

Canal Jam 2017

Music festivals often have a theme—the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Bourbon and Beyond, to name but a few. Some even have an environmental connection, like Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival. What they don’t often have is an obvious connection to history. On Saturday, September … Continue reading

The Music Prevails

What better place to listen to classical music than a cathedral? After all, they’re built with special attention to acoustics. Add a living composer—one who has written pieces specifically to be heard in that very venue—and listeners know they are hearing the music as it was meant to be performed. … Continue reading

The SRA Data Center

The demand for computer processing power and storage space—far beyond simple email—appears to have no limits in academia. Instructors are requiring students to use computers ranging from systems the size of a deck of cards to notebooks to high-powered server systems loaded with an expansive array of software applications. Security … Continue reading

Hammering Out a Propulsion Problem

Space—so much a part of our lives even though the vast majority of us will never experience it. But we benefit from past exploration every day; just use your cellphone and you are utilizing satellites that came from our efforts in space exploration. To get those satellites into space requires … Continue reading

Global-centric Theater

“Theater classes”—traditionally seen as not serious, lightweight, most definitely non-academic. But anyone who subscribes to those stereotypes should take a peek into Associate Professor of Theater Arts Robin Reese’s Theater 208: Theater in Diverse Cultures class. You’re as likely to hear “Aristotle” as “Ibsen” in class, as likely to discuss … Continue reading