Penn State professor probes the impact of artists

BTN LiveBIG posted a new story about the work of Reservoir Studio which provides more context about our work. The story features the BTN LiveBIG video and a quotation from Felix Rodriguez, PhD student in Art Education. Felix said, “What I learned is that people, when they are engaged with art as a means to address social issues, they can come up with very powerful ideas and very powerful solutions and they can see themselves as agents of change in their society.”








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Big Ten Network Features Carpenter’s Unique Underground Approach to Water Filtration and Art Education

“For us, art education is about social engagement. The light bulb goes off and they [students] say I might be able to respond in a really simple way that might have a large impact.”

Read the full School of Visual Arts press release here.

Research Team to Conduct Humanitarian Materials Engineering Project

Ismaila Dabo, Zoubeida Ounaies, and Steve Carpenter (from Reservoir Studio) are recipients of a 2016 Humanitarian Materials Engineering Award for their project Expanding the Capacity to Confront the Global Water Crisis: Exploring Affordable Possibilities and Increased Effectiveness of Point-of-Use Ceramic Water Filters with Metallic Nanoparticles. Click here for more information.


Austin High School (PA) in collaboration with Reservoir Studio

On December 2, eight students and two teachers from Austin High School in Austin, PA visited Reservoir Studio at Penn State. Art teacher Michele Rodich learned about the water filters when she attended a Reservoir Studio presentation at the Pennsylvania Art Education Association conference in Philadelphia earlier this fall.

The visit was comprised of a water filter workshop, mini-tour of campus, a visit to the Palmer Museum of Art, and ice cream at the Penn State Creamery.

Austin High School is now an official K12 partner with Reservoir Studio. We are looking forward to working together on responding to the water crisis in rural Pennsylvania. Reservoir Studio and Austin High School are also in conversation about a public performance and water filter production demonstration at Creative Arts Day at Coudersport High School in February 2017.