Undergraduate Students

Sean Clees

Sean Clees is a senior studying Nuclear Engineering in the Schreyer Honors College.  He joined the unsteady flows project in the Reacting Flow Dynamics Lab in Fall 2016.  Sean’s research focuses on vortex breakdown, a flow bifurcation in which a region of recirculation forms along the center of a swirling jet.  His research interests include vortex dynamics, hydrodynamic instability, and reduced-order modeling.  Outside of the RFDL, Sean enjoys soccer and playing, listening to, and writing about music.

Evan Dillen

Mark Frederick

Mark Frederick is an undergraduate in the Schreyer Honors College pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has been with the Reacting Flow Dynamics Lab since Fall 2015 and will be graduating in May 2018.  His research is on the unsteady swirling flows project where he looks at the creation of a global instability, known as a precessing vortex core, and its utility in the suppression of combustion instability. Outside of the RFDL he is involved in student government, the Pride of the Lion Pep Band, and service project events at the PSU arboretum.

Jackson Lee

Danielle Mason

Danielle Mason is an undergraduate in the Schreyer Honors College majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She joined the Reacting Flow Dynamics Lab in August 2017 and will be graduating in May 2019. She is studying the effects of confinement on the aerodynamics of swirling flows. Other than RFDL, she is involved in Habitat for Humanity and THON.

Olivia Sekulich

Olivia is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering and is set to graduate May 2019.  She joined the UTSR project in Fall 2017 as a Shuman MNE Research Scholar.  Her research focuses on back-staging tomographic imaging for a multi-nozzle combustor.  Her other interests are in thermodynamics, gas turbines and aerodynamics.  Outside of the RFDL, she enjoys playing in the Pride of the Lions Pep Band, working out and going to football games.

Ryan Shupp