About Me

Hello, World! My name is Robert and I am a computer programmer. I am quite enthusiastic about writing computer software and video games in my spare time with my friends and colleagues. I am not discouraged by meeting new people and engaging in fun and creative activities and I welcome a good challenge.


My grandfather crossing the Imjin River near Munsan and Panmunjom during the Korean War.

I grew up on my grandparents farm where my grandfather and I used to build steam powered motors, model railroad sets, and design various electronics and gadgets. Many of my engineering interests were influenced by him. He served with the U.S. Army 58th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company near Munsan, Korea to build the bridges used by United Nations diplomatic negotiators during the Korean War. They were the only US Army bridge building organization awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for their efforts with General Douglas MacArthurs’ X Corps at the Chosin Reservoir and the Inchon landing.

I later became interested in computer programming when I first attended middle school and became acquainted with popular game programming tools at the time. Some of the first video games I ever played include Sonic & Knuckles on the SEGA Genesis, SimCity 2000 for DOS, and The Oregon Trail on the Apple II computer in the fourth grade.


I am very interested in how ordinary people use technology in their daily lives. I have always gained a sense of satisfaction and achievement from working hands on with computers and being able to bring my vivid imagination to life in real time through developing interactive programs. I once discovered the lack of 3D platforming examples and went so far as to make a popular open source example for the game development community, called Project Mario.

My career goals always have me seeking opportunities to work with professionals in a constructive and open environment that provides opportunities for the fruits of everyone’s labor to flourish including, but not limited to, software architecture and design, systems engineering, and application interface programming.

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