About Me

Hello, World! My name is Robert and I am a computer programmer. I am quite enthusiastic about writing computer software and video games in my spare time with my friends and colleagues. I am not discouraged by meeting new people and engaging in fun and creative activities and I welcome a good challenge.

I am very interested in how ordinary people use technology in their daily lives. I have always gained a sense of satisfaction and achievement from working hands on with computers and being able to bring my vivid imagination to life in real time through developing interactive programs. I once discovered the lack of 3D platforming examples and went so far as to make a popular open source example for the game development community, called Project Mario.

My career goals always have me seeking opportunities to work with professionals in a constructive and open environment that provides opportunities for the fruits of everyone’s labor to flourish including, but not limited to, software architecture and design, systems engineering, and application interface programming.

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