Project Founder, DockFX

August 2015 – Present

DockFX is a fully featured docking library for the JavaFX platform. A docking library creates a reusable, modular, and customizable interface that end users can change and modify as they see fit to tailor a program to their needs. The source code is published on GitHub where regular binary releases are made available.

dockfxhover dockfxdocked

Project Leader, ENIGMA Development Environment

January 2013 – Present

Design and implementation of new systems, features, and extensions to the architecture of the main engine and compiler. I developed alternative Direct3D rendering back ends and started an OpenGL 3 compliant port that would be compatible with OpenGL for embedded systems. ENIGMA is the software that provides the ability to compile your games through a compiler of choice and distribute them for multiple platforms. I also improved the IDE by adding support for additional formats and platforms.

  • Native look and feel running a first person shooter tutorial.

Project Founder, Project Mario

December 2012 – 2013

Created an open source 3D platforming example for aspiring game developers to learn from. Game physics used an existing collision detection system I optimized with spatial hashing algorithms. Most graphics and 3D modeling are my original work with Blender.

Project MarioProjectMario2

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