"Bad" Barstools, But "Good" Bartending

“Bad” Barstools, But “Good” Bartending

A major civic issue in society has always been  alcohol abuse. I mean it was such a problem we banned it with the prohibition laws from 1920-1930. Alas, Americans love alcohol. It is such a big industry the government made it legal again. Today, the same issues are still prevalent. The main policy implemented to […]

Mental Mobs

Mental Mobs

When you hear about Penn State, must people immediately think about our insane love for football. This American sport is the rally point of Penn State, but it doesn’t just stop at our own football team. As Super Bowl Sunday, came closer, tensions between students rose to a new level. For once, we weren’t being […]

Realities of the "Good" Student

Realities of the “Good” Student

I always get constantly asked, “Why did you chose Penn State?” Truthfully, I just did not have a better option. It is a well rounded and respected school, with many alumni ties. How could I not choose PSU? However, before I usually get a chance to answer, that person jokingly states, “It’s because of the […]

The Meaning Behind "Ohana"

The Meaning Behind “Ohana”

One of my favorite movies as a child was Lilo and Stitch. I never realized why though. I mean as a child, I guess the cute aliens and the funny incidents grabbed my attention but there was vital underlying message, which was “Ohana”, meaning “family”. Lilo’s picture of her family was the most important thing […]

The Cult-like Mentality In Greek Life

The Cult-like Mentality In Greek Life

Frat, Sorority or Cult??? Right now, as “rush” season has commenced, college students have a choice of which path we want to pursue. To rush or not to rush? This is a hard decision to some, and a simple one to others, likely because of its long term effects on people. Picking the Greek Life […]

America's Reality

America’s Reality

“What Is America?” One of the original characteristics of the Founding Fathers’ “American Dream” is the freedom and opportunity to be educated. The American public-school system is notorious for this liberty. It allows citizens to receive knowledge so they can apply it towards their dreams, which supports the American Dream. This acclaimed idea is what […]

Concept Contracts

Research Madeline: I am researching the history of the American Red Cross, and how the controversy was able to occur.  I will be looking into the different places that the red cross has donated to see if we can find a trend in where the controversial missing funds started to disappear.  This research will be […]

Trends to Shopping Bag

Trends to Shopping Bag

Thesis: Social Media influences their followers into conforming into this new social norm of craving a more luxurious lifestyle. luxurious in this sense is referring to the excessive amount of material goods, which are not deemed a necessity to everyday life.  A. Different kinds of advertisements on social media Traditional advertisements, such as pop-ups or […]

Call Me Maybe?

Thesis: Cell phones used to be a viewed as a tool of communication, however it has shifted into a symbol of social status thanks to the American society’s obsession of materiality. A. Cell phone’s history: their true intent to simplify communication General history– Idea began as convenient alternative to pay phones and car phones. In 1973, […]

Picture it!

“Beautifully written and vividly illustrated with her images…” –The Boston Globe In Addario’s book, one image which stood out to me is the 14th page after page 82. This photograph displays two children in tattered clothes one with a dirty puppy and the other with a car part which he is carrying. The setting is […]

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