Rick and Tracey Riegel

SPC Spring 2015 Chair Welcome

Welcome to our second issue of the Schreyer Honors College Parent Council Newsletter! We hope to provide you with some insight and relay our experiences as parents of a Schreyer Scholar. Our daughter, Meghan, is a third year student majoring in Computer Engineering. She has had many great experiences and opportunities in her last 3 years: as a member of Atlas for THON, study abroad last May in Singapore, research experiences, summer internships and as a current Engineering Ambassador. We’re pretty sure there are others as it’s been difficult to get her to return our phone calls…

How do students balance their activities, studies and free time? If your Scholar is anything like our daughter, it is a difficult task, particularly for freshmen. Here are a few things we have learned over the past few years:

  1. Buy a student planner to help organize each day/week.
  2. It is better to be involved in a few things and assume leadership positions than to be involved in many.
  3. At the beginning of the semester, talk to your student about the big picture and map out a tentative plan. At the end of the semester, have your student evaluate the plan: What worked? What didn’t?
  4. Have your student check in with his/her advisor and the many staff members at Schreyer Honors College periodically to make sure they are on track with their classes.
  5. Let your student be responsible for themselves. (That can be difficult!)
  6. Even as a freshman, it is important for your student to begin planning for an internship or study abroad opportunity. Encourage them to attend the Fall/Spring job fairs as well as meeting with Schreyer staff for additional assistance.

We have learned that Schreyer Honors College offers students so much more than the annual scholarship and the ability to schedule classes early. The staff is second to none, they truly care about the success of your student and are very valuable resources. From career opportunities and counseling internships, thesis workshops, research opportunities and study abroad, the staff is there to help. I encourage you to encourage your student to stop by their offices in Atherton Hall before the end of the school year.

Rick and Tracy Riegel

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  1. Does Schreyers have a separate graduation ceremony? We as parents of a graduating senior have not received any information. Please advise.

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